Vase life test

The FloraHolland vase life test took place in the middle of November. We entered the Santini Country. With a shelf life of 14 days or more, our Santini Country received a score of 100%, making it the best in the test!

We are delighted with this result!

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Flower4all is based in the Bonnenlaan in ’s-Gravenzande, the Netherlands, in the heart of the green sector. We are just 5 kilometres away from the flower auction in Honselersdijk, so we are perfectly placed to make things happen quickly. We have all the facilities to produce a fully finished product, with a focus on freshness and prompt delivery.

Flower4all activities go beyond supplying the auction house, exporters and wholesalers. Since January 2013 we have owned two bouquet/cutting lines. We can therefore also produce a retail product from our production site in ’s-Gravenzande – from a Santini bouquet or Santini + bouquet to a fully finished mixed bouquet with a variety of components.

Flower4all has been supplying beautiful bouquets to several retail chains since 2006. In consultation with the retailer, we can supply an all-year-round or a purely seasonal product. With so many varieties in our range, we can always create the right combination for any season. The flowers are grown on site, ensuring a short supply chain with a guarantee of freshness and quality.

Our peace of mind is to give our customers peace of mind.

From a freshly harvested product on day 1 to a bouquet on the shelf on day 2!